Family Mediation

Family Mediation can be a valuable tool for anyone involved in a family law dispute. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can cost less and keep you out of court. Mediation allows the parties to make decisions for their family, instead of letting the court make them for you. The mediator is neutral and does not make any decisions.

Some of the issues a family mediator can help you with are:


Divorce - Separation
The process of separation and divorce is stressful and can be very costly. Using a Family Mediator allows the couple to negotiate with each other to determine what is best for them moving forward. There is flexibility to discuss whatever the parties want and what is important to them to work out.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plan

With children involved, Separation/Divorce means that you cannot make a clean break and never deal with the other co-parent again. You and your co-parent know your children better than anyone else and know what is best for them moving forward.

In mediation, you can develop a Parenting Plan that works for everyone. You have the freedom to custom design a personalized Parenting Plan that both parents agree is in the best interests of the children. Moving forward, everyone will understand their obligations in making sure they are the best co-parents they can be.

Pet Custody

Pet Custody
In courts, your pets may be seen as property. Though some jurisdictions in the world are starting to recognize dogs and cats (and other pets) as more than property, this is not the case everywhere. In mediation, you can negotiate a pet custody plan that works best for your family.

Changing an Existing
Agreement or Order

Change Existing Order

After some time, your agreements or Court Orders may become dated. They may not reflect what the current situation with your family is, and changes are needed. Mediation is a way for the parties to come together, discuss those changes and agree on what to do moving forward.

Cohabitation Agreement Or
Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract

Before moving in together or getting married, it can be awkward to talk about what would happen in the event the relationship fails. A family mediator can walk you through that process, and help you discuss what would happen if it does.

Co-Parent Coaching and Instruction

Some clients need a more personalized approach to conflict resolution. This is where coaching or instruction could be useful for your situation.

The services offered are:

Pre-Mediation Coaching

I include this for all my mediation clients. However, if you are preparing to go to mediation with a different provider, I can still coach you to be ready. Using the New Ways for Families program, I will coach you on specific skills and behaviours that will improve your mediation session.

New Ways for Families
Parent Program Coaching

For those co-parents who want to learn more skills about being a co-parent after divorce or separation, the New Ways for Families Parent Program is one option available to you. You can have regular check-ins with a coach while you are completing the program, making sure you get the most out of it.

Co-Parent Decision Skills Classes

co-parent decisions
Glenndon Whitaker is licensed to provide these classes which teach the Four Big Skills of the New Ways for Families program. They can be taught to individuals, or to groups.

Conflict Management Coaching

I use the CINERGY system to help you better identify your source of conflict and figure out ways to handle it. This could be for a situation that is happening right now, or one that you expect will happen in the future.

Family Arbitration Screening

With the backlog in the Family Court system, some people are choosing to use arbitration. This allows them to resolve their family law dispute quickly and privately.

Part of the process to use Family Arbitration is that a third party is required by law to do the initial screening. This is usually contracted out by the arbitrator. Glenndon Whitaker will meet both parties for a flat fee and provide the arbitrator with a written report.

Glenndon wrote an article in the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Newsletter about Family Arbitration Screening – you can read it here.