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Co-Parenting Coaching

Glenndon Whitaker is licensed and qualified to coach parents using the New Ways for Families® (Co-Parenting Without Court) program.  This program will teach you a number of concepts about co-parenting, and hopefully help you with making better decisions moving forward.

This program comes from the High Conflict Institute and includes 12 sessions:

  • Session 1 Managing Stress
  • Session 2 Flexible Thinking
  • Session 3 BIFF Response®
  • Session 4 Personalities
  • Session 5 Extreme Behaviour on a Child’s Brain
  • Session 6 Raising Healthy Children
  • Session 7 Child Developmental Goals
  • Session 8 Parenting Schedules
  • Session 9 Using Professionals
  • Session 10 New Partners New Families
  • Session 11 Financial Issues
  • Session 12 Avoid Becoming High Conflict

The amount of coaching sessions you use is completely up to you.

Contact Whitaker Mediation Ltd. to discuss if this program and coaching may be appropriate for your situation.