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Child Support

Paying child support is based on a few factors: income, province of residence and number of children.  Seems simple, but based on a few other circumstances, the numbers could change.

For example, if you share Parenting Time about half of the time with the other parent, or if one child spends most of their time with one parent, while another child’s time is shared, that could change how much child support someone pays.

Depending on your situation, you may need to rely on the Federal Child Support Guidelines, or guidelines specific to your province of residence.

Please contact Whitaker Mediation Ltd. to see if family mediation could be beneficial for your circumstance.  As always, you can contact a lawyer who specializes in family law to discuss how the law applies to your situation.


The Federal Child Support Guidelines are located here:

A basic child support lookup is available here for the Federal Guidelines:

If your situation falls under the Guidelines for the Province of Ontario:

My Support Calculator is another resource you could consider:

Divorcepath has a free calculator as well: