Alternative Dispute Resolution Services With Amicable Results

Avoid the uncertainly of court judgments by opting for mediation instead

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Whitaker Mediation Ltd. offers a range of alternative dispute resolution services for clients, with a focus on Family Mediation for couples who are separating. Mediation is cost-effective and one of the best alternatives you can choose to stay out of court, giving everyone involved the power to make the best decisions they can for their family, rather than having them imposed on them by a judge.


Divorce Mediation

Family Mediation

Conflict Management

Co-Parenting Coaching & Instruction

Why should I choose mediation over going to court?

Consider the differences between taking part in mediation instead of going to court:

Split Arrow
Private and ConfidentialYour circumstances become a matter of public record
Flexible appointment timings: you set the paceMultiple court appearances, during court hours, when available, sometimes months in the future
Cost effective; parties split the mediation feesEach party pays a lawyer independently, can be very costly
Both parties maintain control over the outcomeOutcome is unknown
Fosters mutual respect; can learn new skills to resolve conflicts amongst yourselves in the futureFosters an environment of bitterness and anger, with the possibility of being in and out of court for years

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Glenndon Whitaker

Glenndon Whitaker

Whitaker Mediation Ltd. is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We can serve clients located anywhere through the use of online technology or can meet in-person in the local area.