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Glenndon Whitaker, CD, BEd, MET

Hello! My name is Glenn and I am a Mediator located in Kingston, Ontario. 

I take an educational approach when mediating, with the goal of improving everyone's ability to resolve conflicts on their own in the future. 

I believe that Family Mediation is the best alternative to Family Court, giving everyone involved the power to make the best decisions they can for their family, rather than having them imposed on them.

A little bit about me:

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Mediation or Court?

Not sure if Mediation is for you? Consider the differences between using a trained Mediator instead of going to court:

Family Mediation 

Mediation can be a valuable tool for anyone involved in a family law dispute. It is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that can cost less and keep you out of court.  A family mediator can also help you make decisions before marriage or moving in together in a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract. These services are provided by Whitaker Mediation.

Some of the issues a family mediator can help you with are:

Civil Mediation 

Litigation can be extremely expensive. Mediation can save time and money when resolving a dispute. It allows all parties involved the chance to keep relationships and achieve a win-win solution they have control over, unlike going to court. 

Issues I can mediate include:


As a Conflict Management coach, I use the Cinergy system to help you better identify your source of conflict, and learn how to better handle it. This could be for a situation that is happening right now, one that you expect will happen in the future, or even one that has already passed. 

New Ways for Families

I am an approved provider of the New Ways for Families program from the High Conflict Institute. I specifically offer a few of their programs that I believe will help you navigate potential conflict you will encounter as a co-parent.

Third Party Family Arbitration Screening

With the backlog in the Family Court system, some people are choosing to use arbitration instead. This allows them to quickly and privately resolve their family law dispute.

Part of the process to use Family Arbitration is that a third party is required by law to do the initial screening. This is usually contracted out by the arbitrator. 

As a third party screener, Glenndon will meet both parties for a flat fee and provide the arbitrator with a written report.

Glenndon holds the Qualified Family Arbitration Screener (QFAS) designation from Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO). He is a member of their roster of qualified third party screeners. 

Please contact Glenndon to discuss your needs.

Contact Me

Whitaker Mediation is located in Kingston, Ontario. Services can be provided in person locally, or to anyone, anywhere using online technologies.

I use the software to conduct mediations and coaching virtually. 

Please contact me today to discuss your needs. 

Telephone: 613-900-4600


New Ways Approved Provider

Graduate of CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching

Member of Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario